Friday, March 20, 2009

Chili Cookoff Design

This piece was the most visually interesting of the group. The lightning bolts break up the text and provide a hierarchy of importance in the text. The central image is the focal point, and the text frames the image on the page. The varying thickness of line in the graphic, as well as the dark, filled top of the pepper, keeps the centered image from becoming static.

The text is problematic, in that it runs too close to the border, almost establishing a need for a bleed. Watch spacing not only around the edges, but around the image as well. "Proceeds" is crowded by the converging lightning bolts, and the text, especially in the lower section, seems to bend awkwardly around the image, rather than text wrapping. Also keep the border in mind - line up your outer border so it establishes a visual border.

The bold headline is visually heavy and attracts the reader's attention, but the rest of the text is visually flat. Consider altering boldness and font size, as well as picking a font that is a little more edgy, to be more cohesive with the rest of the design.

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  1. Interesting. . . this was not really one of my "serious" designs, it was more of a "i need three more comps, what can i do?" design, just for fun. But yeah, i definetly enjoyed the text breakup with the bolts, and as for the text, it definetly needs some tweaking and "refitting"