Friday, March 6, 2009

Midterm Portfolio - InDesign

For the InDesign portion of the portfolio, I chose my Dinner and a Book layout. This piece incorporated the prowess of Photoshop (creating a COB, or cut out background) and InDesign. This piece was completely black and white with a bleed. I made extensive use of rulers, to make sure that everything lined up visually. All the book titles line up with the edge of the plate or the edge of the headline. Because I didn't make the headline very large, I put a grey banner behind it to help emphasize it. I also kept one of the photos with a background, to reinforce the rectangular theme in my piece.

Then, I created visual flow by drawing a vertical line that lets the reader's eye travel down the page. The opposite side, though it has no actual line, has left aligned text and a square edge of a photo that create an implied line, thus creating the illusion of symmetry. The book and pear at the bottom gives the reader a visual stopping point, with the important information beneath it. This keeps the reader engaged with the visual aspect of the piece rather than "falling off" the layout.

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