Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Everyday Object Illustrations

For this project, we had to draw 10 images of objects we encounter in our daily lives. I ended up choosing much more difficult images than most of my classmates, and this meant I spent far too long on this project. It was hard to pick images, because I wanted to have interesting compositions, and I felt that single objects centered on a page would be uninteresting.

I used a non-repro pencil to sketch the image before inking the whole composition. I found that this helped a lot, since the pencil allowed me to make multiple lines before committing to a final line. I was pleased with the way the pencil didn't show up at all in the scanned images.

The shoes and the brick path were chosen for my larger final illustrations. The shoes were my favorite image, and I thought the bricks came out nicely, but they were two of the slowest illustrations, and thus, I will be spending a lot of time this weekend creating my final images.

Illustration time: 25+ hours
Micron pens and a black Prismacolor marker on marker paper
5.5" x 7"

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