Friday, January 29, 2010

Ten Mini Watercolors - Free Subject Matter

I liked these smaller scale paintings a lot because I could move across the whole paper and was able to loosen up a little more. I found that the quicker I worked, the better things turned out, though I still like to push those colors around too much. At least I'm getting better, and some things are starting to work out.

Though I didn't have any that turned out to my complete satisfaction, there were aspects of several that I liked and found worked well for me. My favorite complete composition would have to be the beach scene, because there was a great interaction of color and technique and it evokes a sense of a beach fairly well.

I found that I really liked adding color to a damp surface and watching the pigment feather out. I used that in most of my backgrounds, especially in the sky. In the boat picture, I picked out areas of the background to indicate fog, and I think that worked well. In the cat and girl picture, I used non-linear painting, creating shapes to indicate shadows on the socks and variation of color in the skirt.

I still need to work on creating interesting backgrounds that work with my composition. I also need to take advantage of line work, because that can take my painting to the next level and make it recognizable and defined. And I need to learn to use non-linear painting so my forms work with the medium better.

Illustration time: 6.5 hours
Watercolors on watercolor paper
4.5" x 6"

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