Wednesday, January 27, 2010


For this project, we were asked to create 3 themed watercolor images. I chose adorable animals as my theme and selected two puppies, a bunny rabbit, and a pig in boots.

The hardest part, for me, was creating an interesting background. I think I'm just not confident enough with my colors to choose ones that blend together nicely. Or I just suck at backgrounds...
My puppy picture was the least successful because it turned out too pale. I think this was because this was my last image and my roommate came in and went to sleep. So I turned out the lights and worked by the light of my computer screen, simply because I was too lazy to relocate for the remainder of the image. However, it showed in the reduction of color intensity and quality.

My bunny picture was the most successful. I think that was because I kind of cheated and used a dry brush technique for most of the rabbit's fur, though I did initially lay down colors to create depth and variation underneath my dry brushing. I think it was the most vibrant and my background was the most successful, though it could be improved. I liked the drip effect of part of the background.

I need to learn to loosen up and let the watercolors do what they want. I have previously worked with rather controlled mediums, and to submit to the nature of the uncontrollable watercolor will be a problem for me. However, I really love what happens when the watercolors are unpredictable. I just have to learn to let that happen more often.

Illustration time: 3 hours
Watercolor on watercolor paper
9" x 12"

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