Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Project Comps

We finally got our first project assignments! We have to do a product illustration and a line art illustration for a newspaper article. We were supposed to do mini comps to show what our final illustrations will look like, and I think mine turned out well. I just hope that I can pull them off in the larger scale.

I'm not too worried about my line art illustration, because I really like working with pen and ink (I'm a control freak, I know). It will just take some time to complete. However, I think the challenge will be in my product illustration, because it's important that it looks realistic. I'm glad that it's larger scale, because that will at least be easier to work with.

Now on to the final product!

Illustration time: 1 hour
Microns and Prismacolor markers on marker paper
4" x 5"

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