Saturday, March 20, 2010

FINAL 3 Image Montage

Ugh. After three tries, I'm finally getting the hang of this technique. I like the way my penguin and banana turned out, although perhaps the spots on the banana could have been done slightly more realistically. I was having a hard time with the spots and the shadow on the banana peel, and I think it's because I had too much mat medium in my gesso mixture and the paint was lifting too much. That was why I had a lot of trouble with the lego piece, too. I would try and get a smooth texture, but as I tried to smooth out the brush strokes, the paint would lift off rather than blend. And my strokes on the side closest to the penguin are not directional, which gives the appearance of a trapezoidal lego, rather than a rectangular one. But overall, I am pleased with the result.

Illustration time: 3 hours
Gouache on Hot Press Illustration board
10" x 14"

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