Friday, March 5, 2010


My postcard changed from my comp, but only by rotating and cropping it. I kept all the same elements, but used the space more effectively to create a more dramatic composition. When I "finished" the postcard, it looked really flimsy and lame, but after adding more color density to the piece, I think it looks pretty good. I had a lot of trouble with controlling the bleeding of the clouds, but after I stopped and let it dry and added some definition, it worked out.

However, Rusty didn't approve my design, so I'm going to work on it. Everyone seemed to like my original comp better than my full size, so I might go back to that and develop it further.
This is the final version of my postcard. I think it's a lot more successful than my previous attempts. My favorite part was the splatter at the base of the tornado that suggests debris. I also like the cloud on the left side, but I think the rest of my clouds look too... "nice." They look like storm clouds, but they are not as ominous as the one large cloud on the left. However, I think my illustration does a good job of conveying the scene and I am satisfied. I have a hard time with small-scale watercolors, because there isn't much space for the watercolor to run and blend without losing definition and clarity of content. But after several tries, I'm happy with this version.

Illustration time: 2 hours
Gouache and Watercolor on Watercolor Paper
4.25" x 6"

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