Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life and Death

I really enjoyed this project. It was fun to create a diptych. For this project, I chose to do life and death from the perspective of feet, mostly because in another class, we had been talking about filming a movie that only showed feet, and so my mind was on that subject when I did my initial sketches. However, I think that not only did my concept come through strongly, but my execution was pretty successful as well. In the sketch and color comp, it was difficult to identify all four feet in the life image, and the sheets were not believable. However, by using saturated colors and blending, I was able to clarify my image and make everything look much better.

My biggest frustration in this was getting a horizontal (and much better) composition approved, only to find out in the final stage that it needed to be a vertical composition. I feel that even though my image is strong, it was much more compositionally strong when in the horizontal layout. However, I worked through my frustration, and because of the vertical layout, the sheets in both pictures line up, creating a nearly seamless transition that would not been possible if the images were horizontal.

Illustration time: 3 hours
Watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper
10" x 16"

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