Sunday, April 5, 2009

Favorite Ride Marker Comp

This piece was more fun to put together than the Chili poster because it was in color and you now had an additional element to work with. I found that the color helped me in my design, because I could rely on color changes to accentuate the piece, rather than just dealing with the interactions between positive and negative space.

My concept was dealing with the pride Audi had in breaking the world record for the fastest production car, and how they reclaimed the title as an American industry, when Europe has had bragging rights for almost 50 years. So I wanted to showcase the car with a message pertaining to that concept. I think I attained that fairly well.

The few changes I would like to make are simply taking the middle third and shifting it slightly to the left to better utilize the space, as well as using a stricter grid to align all the text. Besides that, I think my poster had a much tighter comp, and I'm satisfied with the layout. I guess it just takes practice, because not only is the process getting easier, but I'm also happier with my products.

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