Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Final Portfolio - Marceline Pamphlet

This piece incorporates a number of the final portfolio concepts. It is my most successful and interesting marker comp, my best example of copyfitting, and is my best overall design and creative concept. I think this piece is overall my most successful design in the entire class, which is good, because it's shown my improvement throughout the course.

The concept was fun to come up with, because everyone has a soft spot for Disney. So I decided to go with nostalgia and "making memories," since everyone has fond memories associated with Disney. So I put all the pictures in Polaroid frames and placed them at angles, so it seemed like someone was displaying the pictures on their coffee table or something like that. I also scattered Disney characters throughout the pamphlet, to connect the viewer to these photos. So the concept funneled directly into my design, and I think because I had such a solid concept to begin with, the design itself was fun and easy to put together confidently.

Then, when I went into the marker comp stage (my personal favorite part of the process), the piece came together well. I love physically arranging all the elements of the design by hand and then tracing them onto a "final" piece that looks nearly professionally done. The most time consuming part of this was the copyfitting, but I learned how to do it, and it was surprisingly accurate. It gave me a good sense of space in my layout, and though I had to rearrange the copy multiple times, it was worth it, because I only had to make minor adjustments in the final printout, while the rest of my design was completely in tact. The computer generated version is posted in a later post for comparison. This was my favorite project, though it was the most technically difficult.

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