Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Final Porfolio - Thoughts

This semester has been an interesting experience. I hate waking up in the morning, and to do so AND be alert for class was a challenge. However, I think that the class, despite the intense workload and stupid deadlines, has pushed me to improve, and improve I have. My sense of design aspects has become more keen, and I feel that I understand the process of design and how much can change between concept and final production. I still need to work on getting a tighter design early on in the process, along with designing everything with a purpose, but I think I can make it as a graphic designer with a lot more practice.

Next semester (so far), I'm not taking any VisCom classes, but I think I would like to continue this major. I still haven't made the decision that will define my next 15 years...

This class has been fun (more or less), and I thoroughly enjoyed these last projects we put together. I think that regardless of which type of art degree I pursue, this class will have helped me to create more aesthetic designs for class and my various clubs and will be an essential skill that I will use much more readily than statistics or biology in my daily life.

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